Where do you start if you want to change the world?

You start right here. At EY, we believe our role, our legacy to the world, is to help it work better. We have an ambition to build a better working world. And the question is, will it begin with you?

Wanted: builders of a better working world.

Our people are united by a single set of shared values and it starts with a common purpose: building a better working world. And, for us it’s fundamental. For example:

  • We want to do business with people we trust.
  • We want to have a purpose beyond a profit.
  • To take it another step further – it’s about making a lasting impact … a legacy of positive change. We’re proud to work with the innovators and game-changers of today to create new legacies for the world. Through your career at EY, you will become the builders of legacy – for our clients, our communities and yourselves. 

Better questions.

But what does a better working world really mean? It means that big changes can start with something small, such as asking yourself "Is there a better way?" The better the question, the better the answer, the better the world works. And the kind of people who thrive at EY use their natural curiosity to ask these better questions to challenge, inspire and unlock new solutions. It's at the heart of what we deliver, helping clients manage risk, foster growth and inspire confidence.

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Whose tomorrow will you change today?

Making a positive difference in the world is not a side activity; it’s the core of our purpose: building a better working world. We believe we make the biggest contribution to our communities when we take the same distinctive services and competencies we use in our business every day and apply them to help solve some of our communities’ most pressing challenges.

In the Americas, we maximize our social impact in three focus areas:

  • Advising, guiding and recognizing entrepreneurs at their many stages of growth; a cornerstone of the EY brand for more than three decades.
  • Supporting education means helping young people prepare for and succeed in the global market, an imperative for EY and all business
  • Promoting equity in the workforce by championing diversity and inclusiveness, which is central to EY’s values.

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Tomorrow’s leaders, today’s opportunities.

At EY, we look for people who are inspired by the chance to push boundaries and make the absolute most of every opportunity. And one of the components of our culture that makes this possible is our emphasis on entrepreneurial businesses. By giving our people access to tomorrow’s leaders today, we give them exposure to the ideas will shape the future of our organization.

Entrepreneurial businesses are those that take measured, strategic risks to advance. Their fresh thinking and hard work creates positive social change by creating jobs and wealth. We’ve developed a strong reputation for working with these companies and enhancing their success.

At EY, we are proud to work with these innovators and game-changers of today to create new legacies for the world. Through your work at EY, you will have the opportunity to help some of the most iconic, innovative and powerful entrepreneurs in the world move forward, improving their industries and ultimately the economies of the world.