We invest in our future by investing in our people.

At EY, we're a team. And like any team, our success is founded on creating great team players. Your development is at the heart of our culture. It contributes to an engaging and positive workplace for everyone, provides opportunities to reward and recognize you and helps deliver a differentiated service to our clients. It’s the foundation for continued success — both yours and ours.

Preparing you for the future of work.

People come to EY to be better — to be exceptional. That’s why we changed how we’re supporting our people’s professional development by deploying new tools that allow them to develop future-focused skills that fuel their careers and our business.

Through Leadership at EY, our blueprint for developing leaders, you will develop team leadership, client leadership, business leadership and personal leadership skills that drive exceptional client service in our highest performing teams. Leadership at EY helps develop you into purpose-driven leader who asks better questions, develops critical leadership skills, builds strong connections and leads better-working organizations.

Can a conversation take your career to new heights?

LEAD is our new approach to performance management and development. With LEAD, the emphasis shifts from retrospective performance evaluations and detailed written assessments, to real-time feedback and better conversations that focus on individual career journeys and long-term future aspirations. At the beginning of the year and at least every 90 days thereafter, EY people will meet with counselors to review ongoing feedback and have discussions that drive higher performance and greater individual development. LEAD is part our broader effort to prepare its workforce, clients and business for the future of work.

Earning credentials in future-focused skills.

As part of our overall approach to the future of work, we've introduced a new program called EY Badges. This new program will support our people in investing in their own careers by earning digital credentials in skills that differentiate them in the market, such as data analytics, AI, data transformation and information strategy.

Individuals will earn EY Badges based on a consistent standard around the world. Badges are earned through world-class learning, fulfilling required experiences and making a contribution to the broader community – such as coaching colleagues, presenting to clients or publishing an article that educates others about an acquired skill.

EY Badges builds on our commitment to equip our people with the necessary skills to solve complex problems, lead the highest performing teams and stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.

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A world of connection, no matter where you are.

Respect, integrity and teamwork define the way we work. At EY, you’ll be encouraged to think in global terms, build strong relationships with clients and colleagues around the world and embrace diversity in all its forms. You’ll be a part of diverse teams with complementary strengths that come together into a whole that’s even greater than the sum of its parts. We value it for one simple reason: it’s better for our clients, our organization and our people.

Being part of our high-performing teams can help you develop into a professional with a global perspective who knows how to deliver exceptional client service to every client, every time. You’ll push the boundaries of your capabilities and use cross-cultural strengths to tackle globally dimensioned problems facing our clients worldwide. The experience you’ll have on our high performance teams is like no other. And it’s one of the reasons EY has been named one of FORTUNE’S “100 Best Companies to Work For®” for 20 years. 

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Broaden your horizons, broaden yourself.

For experienced employees, the opportunities to connect globally are almost boundless. For example, each year, nearly 4,000 established employees participate in global mobility assignments, living and working abroad. We offer opportunities for short- and long-term domestic and international assignments that take you across service lines, industry sectors and geographies. Mobility helps us provide our clients with the right people, in the right place, with the right skills, at the right time.