What does work look like in a better working world?

Disruption in the world of work is changing how we attract, engage, and prepare people to work together around the world.

The future of work.

Disruptive forces will have a big impact on our workforce, just as they are impacting many companies. The world is moving so fast, the pace of change has never been faster, and the problems that our clients our dealing with, the challenges that they have, require us to be delivering different solutions. Those changes require us to have different skill sets and it’s changing how we prepare our people and how we work together around the world to solve our client’s increasingly complex, changing problems.

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The right people with the right skills.

EY is called upon day in and day out to help businesses and governments solve their toughest challenges. Developing our people into complex problem-solvers and preparing them for the future of work is key to our organization’s continued success. EY is transforming its approach to talent development giving more people the opportunity to develop ‘hot’ skills, particularly as we use more complex data analytics and introduce robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

EY is evolving its recruitment strategy to attract the best talent today, and anticipate the types of people and skills we need to solve complex problems in the future. As we continue to look at traditional sources for talent, we are expanding our view to other sources and academic backgrounds such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students. The way people work is changing, and these new sources of talent are adding to the experience and insights EY teams need to deliver the best results for clients.

Disruptive innovation.

In this shifting landscape, we are challenging ourselves to embrace disruption and think differently for our clients. How? Kath from Transaction Advisory Services talks about the way EY brings innovation to life by disrupting ourselves. Mateen from Advisory shares how the best ideas are simple, yet inspired. Yi from Tax discusses innovation in terms of a need that hasn’t been addressed yet and asking yourself how you can do it better. Vanessa from Audit talks about innovation and new ideas, and how they can thrive in a culture and environment like EY’s. And, Roger from our Financial Services Organization talks about unlocking the enterprise value of innovation by getting our “suits & jeans” working together.

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Embracing the gig economy.

To tap into the “gig economy” and people seeking more flexibility or short-term assignments, EY developed GigNow, an advanced technology platform that sources and matches qualified contractors with projects at EY and on-boards them quickly so they can begin making valuable contributions right away. With GigNow, the number of people working as contractors on short-term assignments at EY is expected to grow significantly over the next several years to supplement EY teams.

People contracted through GigNow will benefit from EY’s world-class learning, such as virtual courses from which they can earn valuable digital credentials for developing new skills.

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EY looks to the future.

Innovation has always been important to EY. Over the decades we have adapted to the new challenges that our clients faced – whether around new tax regimes, the statutory requirement for audit, or complex mergers and acquisitions.

The Global Innovation team is a continuation of our commitment to evolve to meet the changing needs of our clients.

The team also works across EY to encourage innovation throughout our organization, and help identify, share and scale the best ideas – all with a view to developing new technologies, strategies and services to benefit our clients.